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Accredited by the Market Research Society, DictateNow provides multi speaker transcription services to market research firms operating focus groups across the UK.

We provide an accurate, high-quality service with quick turnaround times and specialise in the transcription of multi-voice recordings, like those you arrange for focus groups or market research interviews.

Whether it’s a focus group of twenty executives or a conference call interview with just a few consumers, we can help you capture every word. And all the necessary hardware and software is available from us, if you are new to all this.

If you are seasoned campaigners, you will know how much easier and more accurate the transcriptions will be when speakers introduce themselves and try not to speak over each other.

Our experienced, UK-based typists will deliver accurate transcriptions that capture every word, but with all the ‘ums’ and ‘errs’ removed, to give you the full picture and essential information without interrupting the flow.
However, we can just as easily provide verbatim transcripts with every sound left in, if you really want to capture nuanced reactions; it’s a special skill we are renowned for.

We will happily produce transcripts to your specification and our focus group transcription will work with almost any digital audio files; record it and we can transcribe it. Transcriptions are typically returned as password protected email files, but whatever format works for you, works for us.

And remember, we charge by the minute of your recording and will provide a firm quote once we have the files.

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